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Specialists in Grid and Cluster computing
A rack cluster from MESH-Technologies

MESH-Technologies develop Grid software that provides secure and flexible access to applications and services. The Compute Grid aims to provide for computing what the electric power grid does for electricity, that is; allow consumers to receive all their compute requirements from a plug in the wall. The Compute Grid aims to deliver applications and services through the network without requiring the user to know where the service is being produced. All that is needed is a disk- and fan-less thin computer - the size of a modem: The GRID-PC.

Security is essential in Grid computing and the Grid middleware from MESH-Technologies is designed with maximum security concerns with full attention to the end-to-end problem. As a result the MESH-Technologies software ensures you full security without having to deploy VPN or similar technologies. If the Grid technology is used to stretch the company's compute resources to the homes of the employees this happens without including the home-pc in the company network which represents a significant risk to company IT security.

MESH-Technologies also provide a middleware for high performance computing Grids. If you have massive compute needs and a large network of Windows, Linux or Apple computers OfficeGRID provides you with simple and efficient means to harness that computing power.

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