MESH-Technologies A/S

MESH-Technologies was founded in April 2003 by five members of the High Performance Computing research community of the University of Southern Denmark. The team has more than 10 years of experience and a strong international network in the field.

MESH-Technologies has received venture capital from

  • Syddansk Venture A/S and
  • Syddansk Innovation A/S,
which provided a strong financial foundation and highly skilled input to the Board of Directors.

As Research & Development is MESH-Technologies' core business, we are located in Odense, Denmark, in close proximity to the University of Southern Denmark, which allows us to promote partnership and employ candidates with the desired skills.


Daily management of MESH-Technologies:

  • Helge Munk, Chief Executive Officer.
The scientific team is headed by our CTO:
  • Brian Vinter, Chief Technical Officer, Professor.
The team includes several skilled and competent system developers, who have all earned a MSc degree in computer science.

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