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OfficeGRID BLAST is a parallelization of the well known NCBI BLAST. OfficeGRID BLAST segments the BLAST databases and distributes them across Linux cluster nodes or your company's Windows desktop computers, when they otherwise are idling, permitting BLAST queries to be processed on a large number of CPUs simultaneously.

Most offices are not populated outside normal working hours, 8am to 4pm on working days this implies that the computing resources are unused around 128 out of 168 hours each week. The vision of MESH-Technologies is to allow for the constructive use of these hours of wasted time. Would you allow any other of your companys resources to be utilized less than 10%? (according to Microsoft SIGMetrics paper, 1998-2000) OfficeGRID BLAST allows you to utilize this pool of unused computational power for BLAST searches!

OfficeGRID BLAST offers many useful features and the most essential features, and there benefits, are listed below.

Features (click the links below to learn more)
Superlinear speed up.
Based on the well known NCBI BLAST implementation.
Utilizes the unused computational power of your existing PCs.
Enables on demand computational power.
Enables cross platform processing.
Automatic database migration.
Easy deployment and use.
Small hardware requirements.
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